Monday, 22 September 2014

Weeks 3

We have been really busy finishing looking at the book 'funnybones' and comparing the lengths of our feet and hands.

We have looked at 'Where the Wild Things are' and then turned ourselves into our very own wild things and looked at North America and made our own footprints.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New Year 1 Class, September 2014

Welcome to our Year 1 Blog and here we all are.
We have had a lovely start to Year 1 and are settling in to our new class. We have started our topic of 'Where the Wild Things Are'. We have been looking at 'Funnybones' and our own bodies plus we had a great visit to the farm and all in just one week!


We went blackberry picking.

 Then we went on a long walk around the farm looking for 'Wild Things' homes
We found rabbit holes.

We made homes/shelters for different animals 





We found a badger set
 Finally we went into the Play wood and had a great time, some of us getting quite muddy!!!