Friday, 28 February 2014

The Great Fire of London!

Before half term we were looking at London's history focusing on the Plague and The Great Fire. The children have written diary entries, imagining they were in the Great Fire. Then to finish the topic the children created their own houses and we then invited the Fire Brigade in to help us recreate the 'Great Fire of London'.
Here are some pictures from our fun day today.

Children with the houses that they made.

The Great Fire of London recreated by Year 1 and the Fire Brigade.

 Showing the children how 'pulling down the houses' in 1666 helped to stop the fire from spreading.
 What was left of their houses at the end - ash!!

The children have had such a fantastic day, this is a wonderful experience for the children to see and some said 'It's the BEST day EVER!!'

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