Friday, 13 September 2013

Our Bodies and 'Owl Babies'

This week we have started our topic on 'I'm a Celebrity' we began by looking at parts of the body and measuring ourselves. Then with Mrs. Day we read 'Owl Babies', we created a painting collage of the 3 main characters (Sarah, Percy and Bill) and also made Owl Baby biscuits.

Friday, 6 September 2013

The New Year 1 Class

We are so excited to be starting in Year 1 and are looking forward to all the new topics we will be doing.

This is a picture of us all ready to start the new year.

We have enjoyed the first 3 days getting to know our new classroom and outdoor area as well as creating our new role play area. Here are a few photos of us in our new classroom.

 Playing in the 'Library' role play area.

Our new sand pit with purple sand!!!

 Enjoying the outdoor area.

 Playing with the lego.

 Playing with the cars.

We look forward to starting our new topic next week of 'I'm a Celebrity'.