Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Year 1's Farm Visit - First of the Summer Term.

So everyone has arrived and we are ready for our day to begin.

So after the register, we went to the classroom to begin our first task.

The task was directional arrows, ready for the Farm's open day, coming up very soon.

There is a bit of a stir, due to a new member of the Sandfield Farm Family.

The new addition is a mischievious puppy called Fly.

After finishing our first task, we set off on a small walk around the farm.  Callan leading the way.

The dogs play fighting again

Showing some serious strength here girls.
Amazing strength
Great team work here.

Showing off their hard work - A fantastic throne for King Trident

Plenty of team work.
Amazing strength being shown again.

The lead group deciding to have a rest from the walk, while waiting for the others.

"Where are we going next ?"

Leaving the building wood.

Walking back to the Farmyard.

Once back at the Farm yard it was time to head to the PLAY WOOD - but first we had to take a 25 foot canvas sail with us.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from the Play Wood - keep a look out for those mud monsters again.


They have found Mr Twiss - hiding in the tube
what are they going to do to him?



Finally, just one last picture to share - The Big Bad Bull.

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