Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bristol Aquarium Trip

Snack time at the Aquarium before we set off on our Tour.

Either conducting or leading and in depth debate.

Mr Twiss's group and the fishes.

Bay of Rays

Ship Wreck Cove.

Sea Horses.

Sea Urchins and a detailed drawing in the making.

Yes they found the tank bubble.

Coral Reef with Leopard Sharks.

Leopard Shark


More Piranhas

Group action shot.


A fish posing for the camera.

Not impressed with the photos being taken.

Group waterfall pics.

We have found another group.


A Ray come to smile for the camera.


Who has got the nicest smile - I think the fish in the middle takes it ?

Sun bathing in the beautiful weather.

Great picture with a nice underwater theme.

Coral Reef

Beautiful Coral Reef.

The Leoard Shark came to say hello.

Where's NEMO

Found NEMO yet.

Any guesses yet.

Puffer Fish

Morey Eel

Huge Lobster

Mermaids Purse - with a baby shark almost ready to hatch.

Mirrored ball in the square outside the Aquarium.

The Bristol Aquarium trip was fantastic.  I would just like to add a special thank you to Mrs Goodman, Mrs Williams, Mrs Lockie and Mrs Wilson for helping out on the trip.