Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Incredible Christmas Performance of the Classic 'Hey Ewe'.

Here are a few pictures of Yr 1 and Yr2 getting ready just before the first performance.

No nerves here, everyone is ready to perform.

Excitement building.

Let's GO !!!

Year 2 getting ready.

The curtain is up and the show is about to begin.

Hustle Bustle - song.

Calypso Kings - Song.

Something's Going On - Song - with a brilliant solo to start the song off.

How much further to Bethlehem.

Hey Ewe.

Four Worried Sheep Escape From the Pen.

Fantastic dancing on show here.

Wake Up You Sleepy Shepards

Angels getting ready

Angels begin their dancing.


Three Kings

Mary, Joesph and Donkey.

Big Finish and a HUGE round of applause - SO PROUD !!!!

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