Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Farm Visit

Here are the rest of the photos taken while we were at the farm, hope you enjoy them all.

Shortly after arriving at the farm, the children were taken into the small classroom where they were told all about farmers and what they do.
There first task was to create a collage all about the farmer.

The boys, quickly racing through each farming magazine looking for pictures to use.

A more relaxed working table, carefully selecting each picture for their work.

Ahead of schedule, this table is even discussing which pictures to use.

Which picture to use?

One of the finished pieces of work.

After a little nature walk collecting plants along the way, we were taken to a barn, where the children were asked to create a picture of their faces, using what they had found.

All in line ready to begin the task.

There off !

Total focus on the task at hand.

Just adding the last few finishing touches.

Have a look at some of the finished results below.

A most important picture of the Cockeral which I had to take, due to class pressure.

The ever so slightly muddy fun wood.

First to find the swing.

These explorers found the large mud puddle first.

A clever hiding hole.

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Mud monsters

Loving the swing!

Mud Monsters getting closer.

Smiling Mud Monster

Angry Mud Monster

Mud Monsters off hunting.

This one puddle quickly became the highlight of the entire fun wood.

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