Sunday, 13 January 2013

A look back at all the great work achieved so far

It's the start of a new year and term.  However, we should really have look back over the Autumn period and all the fantastic work and achievements Year 1 have made.

In the first term the topic was Famous People, for this we concentrated on the North American Indians, notably Sitting Bull and the great Apaches. Then we turned to English and focused on the Legend of King Arthur and Robin Hood. These subjects of topic were greatly enjoyed by the children, as can be seen from the pictures below.

Getting the cast ready for our Robin Hood play in class.

A Sherwood Forest scene

Creating our King Arthur Shields


There are also some important characters that should be introduced on the blog, and they are the board wipers - Foggy and the Bald Twins.  Named by the class through a short voting process.


Here are some pictures of the classroom displays currently up in class and outside in the school corridors.

The maths display at the very start of the year, further down you will see how it has grown.

A very important wall for the children, it's the birthday wall.

Everything you need to know about Australia on one board.

Here is the area around Mr Twiss's desk, which includes the behavious rocket, maths and literacy groups, house point tallies.

Our class Apache tepee. 

These two displays show the King Arthur shields that were made and also Excalibur the sword in the stone display.

King Arthur castles made for a great 3D display.

Our fun filled Maths display board, located on the largest board in class.

Year 1's Eco Week display - showing the reults of healthy lunch boxes and journey to school.

Here are all the class work books and a fun map of the world to look at each time they collect or return their books.


Year 1 Farm Visit.

First farm visit back in the Autumn Term was truly fantastic.  The children had so much fun and I thought it was so nice to see the children playing out in the fun wood, which was just ever so slightly muddy. 
Which one individual really enjoyed, especially with regard to one large muddy puddle.
More photos to follow...


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