Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Since starting in Year 1.

Since we started in Year 1 we have been really busy. We have been learning all about Ourselves and our different senses.

Last Friday we had European Day of Languages where we dressed up as people from different countries or the colours of different countries. We leant bits about France, Poland and Ireland!
Here is what we all looked like:
Spanish Dancers
 Roman Godesses
 Spain, Portugal and Denmark
 United Kingdom

We have just started our first topic "I'm A Celebrity" where we will be looking at different famous people. We have started with Arcimboldo who is a famous Italian painter. He painted faces using different fruit and vegetables. We have had a go at designing our own Arcimboldo pictures then we made them from foam faces and finally we have used real fruit and vegetables. You can find these outside our classroom!

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