Thursday, 30 June 2011


Since starting our topic on London we have learnt about 'The Plague', how it started, how it spread and what the doctors tried to do. We have also learnt about 'The Great Fire of London' which started 2nd September 1666 in a Bakery in Pudding Lane. We have drawn our own Great Fire using pastels and today we have made our own houses, out of boxes, and recreated what the Great Fire of London would of been like by setting them on FIRE!!!! We made them out of cardboard to show how quickly the fire spread because the houses in 1666 had wooden beams which caught fire ever so quickly.
Here are some photos of the day.

Our London Street
 Where it all started in the Bakery
 It went up very quickly

 This was all that was left of our houses.

We have had fun, fiery day. We really, really, really enjoyed it!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

June Update

Since coming back after half term we have learnt about plants. We planted some lettuce and we are watching to see which will grow best - they are outside and in a dark cupboard. We are also having a sunflower competition to see whose will grow the tallest.

Our topic in our last half term as Year 1 is London, we have looked at where London is and also the Royal Family. We went on a walk this morning to the River Isbourne to sketch what it is like, because we can't visit the River Thames!! We also looked at the Church and sketched it too.