Thursday, 17 March 2011

March Update

Well can you believe it, it's March already and it's been a while since we wrote anything on our blog.

Before half term we had a fantastic topic on castles and learnt so many different things, parts that make up a castle, people that lived in castles and we also looked at Robin Hood. We had a fantastic trip to Warwick Castle, where we got to dress up as Pricesses and Knights

 And after a very tiring climb we got to the top of the Tower!!
 We also had our very own castle to play with in the classroom.

Now we are doing another very interesting topic all about animals. We have been for a walk around school to see what animals we have have and to see their habitats. Then we have had a fantastic trip to Bristol Zoo where we had the best day and got to see so many different animals. Here are the best: